How our rifles were named

We have spent what seems to be an infinite amount of time, and we will continue to spend hours, days, months and years constantly improving and fine tuning our products.  We pushed and stayed the course toward the goal of making every product in our stable lighter, more reliable and more accurate.  We have reached the first phase in attaining these ever-shifting goals, but in doing so, we have developed something else that we were not expecting. A gift that can not be bought or learned. We developed an emotional connection to our products.

Because of the late nights and quality time spent learning about our product; every thousandths of an inch, every angle, every edge, the sound they make when they’re happy and the sound they make when they’re enduring round after round without complaint; we have formed an unspoken emotional bond.  A real connection that seems as mutual as the unspoken bond between a man and his dog.  A bond you develop through respect.  Through watching something battle and fight to keep running for you long after it should have stopped. The invisible thing that bonds certain humans and animals together.

Because of this connection, and the way our own products inspired us with feats of power, endurance, consistency and strength, we thought it unjust to give them forgetful and uninspired names full of random letters, numbers and characters. We choose to name them for the animals that best represented them and their stories. A trio of North American mammals that can endure, overcome and meet every expectation.   Meet Black Creeks new line of rifles and carbines: The Catamount, The Wejack, The Badger and coming soon, The Skunk Bear.