LRX ARCTOS | Black Creek Labs
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Steady.  Accurate.  Powerful.



The LRX Arctos

Caliber:  308 or 6.5CM

Action:  Rem 700 short action

Barrel:  19 inches

Length:  40 inches

Weight:  10.5 lbs

Accuracy:  sub MOA

Accessory Mounting:  Picatinny, M-LOK, arca

Sights:  Not Included

Mag:  Magpul 10 round

Muzzle:  3 gilled brake.

CDN Classification:  non-restricted

Color:  Grey, Tan, Green 

The Ursus Arctos is the latin name for the Brown Bear, a large bear species found in various regions throughout the northern hemisphere. ¬†In North America, they are known simply as “Grizzlies” and are one of the largest, most powerful land based carnivores in the world.

The LRX Arctos is BlackCreek’s answer to the requirement to make long distance first round shots count. ¬†The LRX is chambered in 308 or 6.5 Creedmoor and is fitted with a BlackCreek short action that guarantees half minute accuracy. The chassis is available with two folding stock and one fixed stock option. ¬†The underside has an integrated arca swiss point for direct tripod mounting and it also comes with a universal adapter plate for additional mounting options.¬† The LRX Arctos chassis uses MDT mounting points, so MDT ESS rails and stocks are interchangable.

The Arctos is fitted with a triggertech Rem 700, 2-stage trigger with zero-creep break, tactile pull weight adjustment and four points of safety.


The chassis is made from aircraft grade aluminum.


BlackCreek LRX Short Action (Rem 700 footprint)


Match Grade Steel Barrel finished with Nitride and Cerakote


Triggertech Diamond 2-stage