PX17 FOXCOM | Black Creek Labs
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The PX17 Foxcom

An aluminum framed Combat Pistol.


PX19 Mil 5 copy

The PX17 Foxcom

Caliber:  9mm

Action:  Striker Fired. Browning Locking system

Barrel:   5.0″ threaded

Length:  7.2 inches

Height:  4.6 inches

Weight:   1.6 lbs

Accessory Mounting:  Picatinny light mount

Sights:  Steel

Mag:  15 rounds

Frame:  Aluminum

CDN Classification:  Restricted

Color:  Grey, FDE, ODG

The PX17 Foxcom is a 9mm pistol based on a battle tested full frame, but redesigned to be a reliable, no-frills sidearm for armed professionals.  The frame of the PX17 is made completely from aircraft grade aluminum which offers an enhanced level of durability and is slightly larger than the PX19, so it can be deployed as a duty pistol.  The weight of the PX17 makes it ideal for multiple target engagements and reduces felt recoil allowing the sights to stay on target.

The trigger is striker-fed, the barrel is threaded to accept modern aftermarket accessories such as compensators and suppressors and the pistol comes with a 15 round magazine.


The frame is made from aircraft grade aluminum.


The slide is made of a proprietary hardened steel.


416 stainless steel, button rifled with premium coating


Steel night sights