The New And Improved

Black Creek Labs is dedicated to making things lighter, faster and more accurate.  With an addiction to analyzing data received from controlled testing and extensive field trials, we have developed a new generation of products that incorporate new age composites and aerospace grade steel and aluminum with systems designed to offer a combination of reliability and adjustability.



Black Creek has developed a long stroke piston system in order to offer a robust and reliable rifle that benefits from an operating system that does not push gas or debris back into the bolt carrier group and chamber.  This allows for more reliable run time before maintenance and cleanings are required and will provide more positive extraction and ejection.  The AK47 operates on a long stroke piston system and has a reputation to continuously operate even in the harshest conditions.   Akin to the AK47, The Badger series of rifles will be fitted with long stroke pistons, making it a simple and robust battle rifle that can withstand high round counts before cleanings are needed.  As with any long stroke piston system, the piston rod on the Black Creek Long Stroke Piston System is mechanically fixed to the bolt carrier group which makes the piston rod and bolt carrier group move through the complete operating cycle as one unit.   The piston rod itself also benefits from being a simple and robust design and is completely encased in a steel, protective tube.  Black Creek’s piston system also benefits from the T-Block, a four position adjustable gas block that when combined with the T-Spring, allows the operator to tune the rifle for the minimum amount of possible recoil.


The T-Spring is part of Black Creek’s new “Tunable” Series of rifle operating parts and systems.  The T-Spring replaces the traditional buffer and spring of the AR15 and AR10 and was designed to provide adjustability by allowing the operator to change the reciprocating mass against the bolt carrier.  This is accomplished by changing the amount of weight located on the T-Spring and/or changing the spring tension.   In its heaviest mode, the T-Spring will tune the function of shorter barrelled rifles,  allow for suppressors,  allow for reliable full auto fire, and when combined with the T-block, it can reduce recoil by allowing a reduction in gas port sizes.


The T-trigger is part of Black Creek’s new “Tunable” Series of rifle operating parts and systems. The T-Trigger is an adjustable drop-in, single stage trigger that provides a clean, crisp trigger pull and has factory adjustability in both the pull weight and length of reset and limited operator adjustability on pull weight.  The T-trigger is factory set to 4 pounds with a short reset.  The trigger components are EDM cut from high grade steel and heat treated to allow for a long life without wear on the hammer and other engaging parts.  The trigger housing is machined from anodized aluminum and fits into all standard AR15 and AR10s.  The trigger shoe comes in a hybrid flat (curved at top to guide finger then transitions to flat) and and a standard “C curve.”


The T-block is part of Black Creek’s new “Tunable” Series of rifle operating parts and systems.  The T-block comes in both a piston and direct impingement (di) model and both have four distinct settings, specifically designed to control (keep to a minimum) and tune the amount of gas required to run the rifle efficiently and reliably.  This will prevent overgassing issues such as failures to extract, failures to feed, increased recoil, premature part wear, increased carbon build up and overall general maintenance.  The T-Block has three gas port sizes, designed for various ammunition loads and suppressors, but also has a fourth “off” setting, allowing the rifle to be fired without gas, keeping the bolt from moving to the rear, reducing recoil and noise even further.  The di model of the T-Block uses a straight gas tube, eliminating the heat build up and potential failure point in curved tubes when using short barrel rifles and/or suppressors.  The T-block can be adjusted by hand or with any flat tipped tool and each setting is easily distinguished by an audible click and set.


The Dualithic rail allows the upper and receiver to be bolted together to create one single platform for an unmatched level of strength and rigidity.  The extended upper receiver provides a stable platform, so the rail can attach to the upper receiver without touching a barrel nut or any other connection point, making it a “true” free float rail.  The dualithic rail creates a more stable platform to place sights, optics, night vision, IR, thermal, or other accessories that that requires attachment directly to the rail.  The dualithic rail system will mitigate point of impact shift and diminished accuracy  when using the firearm in heavy, sustained fire roles as the additional heat that creates flex and movement in traditional rail and barrel nut attachment points is eliminated as the rail does not come in contact with the barrel nut, barrel or any other part, leaving the barrel harmonics unchanged and potential flex and movement in the rail eliminated.


BCL Rifles are all manufactured with removable shell deflector and dust covers.  The removable shell deflector allows right handed shooters to use the rifle without a shell deflector or it can be changed for a more aggressive “left handed” deflector. The deflector can also be interchanged with the “casing catcher” which is a shell deflector with an integrated bag that catches all of the spent casings, (ideal for helicopter operations or any situation where casings can not be dropped or need to be collected).