Frequently Asked Questions

How did Black Creek Labs Start?

Black Creek Labs is a veteran owned company that started in 2017 when it acquired a CNC machine shop responsible for manufacturing firearms parts for a number of Canadian companies.  In 2018, Black Creek formally partnered with a Canadian firearms company to manufacture the NEA/BCL 102.  In 2019, under new leadership, a new mission and a new vision, Black Creek started operations independently and launched the BCL MK7 and the BCL SLR Coyote.

How do I buy Black Creek Products?

Black Creek Labs uses a product distribution model that includes a distributor with a dealer network.  Black Creek sends all of the product bound for stores in Canada to a single distributor.  The distributor takes orders from dealers across Canada and sends the product directly to those dealers.  For a list of dealers click here.  For sales outside of Canada, Black Creek uses a combination of distributor and direct to dealer sales.

Where is Black Creek Labs Located?

Black Creek Labs is located in Peterborough Ontario Canada in a 22,000 square foot facility.  Black Creek is not open to the public however individual tours can be arranged by contacting

What is your warranty Policy?

Black Creek Labs provides all firearms a limited life time warranty.  Black Creek warrants to the original retail purchaser of a new firearm from Black Creek that such firearm shall be free from defects in material, workmanship, and mechanical function. Repair or replacement of the firearm is at the discretion of Black Creek.  In some cases, the warranty may transfer from the original retail purchaser to a new owner, but this will be assessed on a case by case basis.  The Purchaser’s remedies under this warranty are limited to repair or replacement of the firearm; firearm must be registered, and a valid warranty claim must be submitted. Black Creek will not provide cash, credit, or refund. If Black Creek Laboratories opts to replace the firearm, Black Creek Laboratories will keep the firearm that it replaces. Black Creek Laboratories does not warrant against any type of defect to the firearm that Black Creek Laboratories did not cause, including but not limited to damage or defects arising out of improper maintenance and care, accidents, abuse, or misuse, normal wear; tear; and/or corrosion, barrel obstruction, unauthorized adjustments, repairs, or modifications or improper ammunition

Is there a trouble shooting guide?

A trouble shooting guide is located at the back of the manual that came with your product.  You can contact for assistance in troubleshooting  your rifle.

Do I have to send you my rifle for warranty work?

Black Creek will send out parts, if the warrantied or recalled parts can easily be installed within the scope of a field strip and assembly as instructed in the manual.  Parts that can not be installed within the scope of a field strip or require additional work, tests or special equipment must be installed at the factory.

What kind of ammunition should I use?

Black Creek only recommends quality commercial ammunition for your rifle. ¬†Hand loaded can be used, however damage to the rifle from hand loaded ammunition may void the warranty. ¬†When choosing ammunition, the chamber and twist rate play a critical role in determining what ammunition to use for optimum performance. ¬†In general, a bullet that fills the throat of the chamber perfectly and is suited to the twist rate of the barrel will provide the best accuracy. ¬† Twist rate is the ratio of inches the bullet needs to travel to make one full turn. ¬†This means a 1:7 twist rate will spin the bullet one full turn in seven inches whereas as 1:10 will spin the bullet one full turn in 10 inches. ¬† Bullets come in varying weights, so they need different amounts of spin to stabilize it in flight. ¬†A bullet that spins too slowly won’t stabilize and will yaw in flight creating inconsistent groups.

The BCL 102 (with serial number higher than 3500) and the BCL MK7 uses an 18.6 inch barrel with a .308 match chamber and a 1:10 twist rate. Although a number of commercial rounds will fire effectively, a Sierra Match King between 168 gr and 172 gr (or equivalent) will produce a minimum of 1.5 moa.

The BCL SLR Coyote uses an 18.6 inch barrel with a 5.56N chamber and a 1:7 twist rate.  Both 5.56N and .223 will fire effectively from this rifle, however this chamber and twist rate will favour heavier bullets between 70 and 77 grain.  Lighter bullets such as 55 gr will not provide consistent accuracy.

What Ammunition do you test with?

Black Creek function tests every rifle that is made.  Production function testing is done using a low to medium grade, commercial off the shelf ammunition.  Black Creek accuracy tests 10% of all rifles that are made.  Accuracy testing for .308 rifle is done with 168gr. to 175gr. Federal Gold Medal Sierra Match King.   Accuracy testing for 5.56 rifles is done with 69gr. to 77gr Federal Gold Medal Sierra Match King.

Where is my rifle made?

All Black Creek rifles are made in Canada.  Black Creek makes over 90% of every rifle in our manufacturing facility in Peterborough, Ontario.  Metal processing such as anodizing is done by outsourced Canadian companies and stocks, grips and magazines are purchased from Magpul Corp in the U.S.