Black Creek Leaving Canadian semi-automatic rifle market

Following a strategic review of the current Canadian political environment as it relates to the recent firearms prohibition and the reclassification of many semi-automatic sporting rifles, Black Creek Labs has made the decision to halt all research, development and manufacturing of semi-automatic rifles made specifically for the non-restricted commercial market.

After the recent firearms prohibition instituted by the Canadian Government and the subsequent, incoherent and unexpected ban on the SLR Receiver sets (SLR Coyote) and many other rifles two weeks after the initial Order in Council, Black Creek Labs has determined that the risk and challenges facing Canadian firearms manufacturers is too great to continue any type of further investment in the development of non-restricted semi-automatics.

“Although it greatly saddens us to be forced to stop making semi-automatic rifles for the Canadian commercial market, we are excited about our strategic transformation and will divert all available resources to the development of products for export sales including the European and US commercial markets and Military and Law Enforcement sales around the world.  We will keep a close eye on the Canadian political landscape and the specific regulations pertaining to the classification of semi-automatic rifles and if there is a positive change, we will be well positioned to immediately start servicing the great people of Canada again.”  Rob MacIntyre