Announcement of Firearms Prohibition

As most of you will already be aware, on May 1, 2020, the Government of Canada amended the Regulations Prescribing Certain Firearms as Prohibited.  These amendments have reclassified the non-restricted SLR Coyote, BCL102, BCL102 MK7 and BCL102 Catamount as prohibited; and the restricted BCL15 Wejack and BCL102B Badger as prohibited.

Although we do not have any more information than what has currently been released publically, we will continuously provide updates as we receive them.

There is a two-year amnesty order in effect expiring April 30, 2022.  This order protects you from criminal liability or unlawful possession, however it is imperative that you no longer use your rifles and that they are immediately put into permanent storage until more information is received.

There is a small window provided by the Government of Canada to allow rifles that are not currently in the possession of the owner to be returned to the owner.  If your rifle is currently with BCL, we will be immediately performing the necessary warranty work and shipping the rifle back to the registered address.  Upon receipt, the rifle should be put into permanent storage.   It is only lawful to transport a newly prohibited rifle in accordance with the amnesty.  This is limited to transport to a lawful owner’s residence, to have them deactivated by an approved business, to surrender them to the police, or to export them lawfully.  As such, BCL can not accept any newly prohibited rifles.

If you have purchased a rifle that has not yet been shipped to you, or have any questions about your recent purchase, please contact the authorized dealer you purchased the rifle from as each dealer has their own policy in regards to the recent prohibition.

The Government of Canada has made a general statement that a buyback and/or grandfathering status may come into effect in the future.  BCL has no further information on these initiatives.

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