Protecting The Hearing of our Police Officers


Military and Law Enforcement personnel are inherently and continuously exposed to serious health risks, due to the noise and concussive force produced by their firearms. Hearing loss and other symptoms from gunfire are the most common injury an armed professional will receive. In almost all NATO countries, sound and blast pressure from live-fire range training and actual operations are responsible for more complaints than all other duty injuries combined. Hearing Loss, Tinnitus, pain, vertigo and ruptured ear drums are but some of the many symptoms produced by the sound and blast pressure of gunfire. A gunshot creates both sound and blast pressure, and although sound pressure can be mitigated with hearing protection, blast pressure can not as it seeks the path of least resistance, entering any open cavity (nose, ears, mouth, eyes) in its path. Once blast pressure has entered the body, it can hit the brain, eardrums, the lungs and the heart. Constant and repetitive shooting, even in hunting and sport shooting can cause concussion like symtoms that have been linked to degenerative brain dammage.

According to a 2010 report from the US Department of Veterans Affairs, the cost of providing basic care for hearing disabilities for 1.6 million returning veterans was over 1.3 billion dollars and every organization across North America that provides live-fire training to their armed professionals are seeing rises in the financial burden associated with this problem.

Black Creek has redesigned the Little Bird Direct Thread Suppressor to offer a very cost effective solution to organizations that want to reduce sound pressure to a level that is considered “hearing safe” by the ministry of labour and want to mitigate almost all of the blast pressure associated with concussion like symptoms.